Serving People In Need

Welcome FURNICHURCH was founded in 2005 to help people in Mablethorpe who are in desperate need of help. Our aim as always is to provide furniture to those who cannot for one reason or another afford to buy new or even second hand furniture. We rely on people to donate their unwanted furniture that is in a good state of repair, we will collect the furniture free of charge. No church receives any money or benefit from Furnichurch. All money given to Furnichurch is used by the charity to further it’s work. As a general rule any furniture that is in good condition can be used. There are exceptions. We cannot take any suites, mattress etc. that do not have a fire retardant label. We also require items to be clean and undamaged. Due to warehouse limitations and their general slow turnover we have a to limit large display cabinets and large tables. Presently we are unable to handle any electrical items. We continue to monitor the situation. We provide employment to a Manager and a part time Warehouse Supervisor. All our other staff are presently unpaid volunteers.
We are a registered Charity The charity was started and is managed by a group of local Christians. We provide assistance to anybody of any faith or none. WE ALSO RUN THE MABLETHORPE FOOD LARDER WHICH IS OPEN FROM 12 NOON - 2:00 P.M. MONDAY TO FRIDAY. ADDRESS; FURNICHURCH, 97A VICTORIA ROAD, MABLETHORPE. PHONE 01507 477007
Furnishing Aid In The Community

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